Running a busy hair salon or beauty salon can be tricky; managing your teams schedule, keeping an eye on stock and ensuring that you are on top of the costs and revenue with the business. With our POS system, you can manage your salon more efficiently than ever. It is an all-in-one device, good for keeping appointments, inventory, working as a cash register and merchant account-credit card device. You can create new products with just a few clicks, manage your employees or print and send your daily report to your accountant. Having such efficient system will leave you with more time to do what’s most important in your salon.

Our comprehensive POS systems can help you

  • Boost Brand Image
  • Detailed Bill Receipt
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Better Payment Options
  • High Accuracy Level
  • Faster Services

There is certainly no shortage of tasks that most POS systems can handle. Having the right POS system setup in your salon can save you and your staff countless hours managing your salon.

We offer the lowest rate anywhere,